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100 Essential Free Resources for Graphic/UI/UX Designers.

Hello Guys, Sometimes we are working on projects with a very low budget and sometimes we don’t have time to design the whole thing from the scratch, in this situation, there are many free designs resources are available that can help you out. So our designers and teachers at DICE Academy have put their heads…

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Design Better Forms

Common mistakes designers make and how to fix them Forms are one of the most important components of digital product design. Whether it is a signup flow, a multi-view stepper, or a monotonous data entry interface. Forms are the way for lead generation.This article focuses on the common dos and don’ts of form design. Keep…

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Five points to keep in mind while designing a great logo

Logo is a part of a brand’s identity. With a combination of text and imagery, a logo tells people not only the name of a brand but also creates a visual symbol that represents the vision of the company. Hence, it’s very important that the logo you design should be simple but classic, memorable, differentiates…

Graphic Design

Importance of Graphic Design For Your Business

Graphic design is important to every business and our everyday lives in many ways. We come across with logos, brochures, websites and a host of other design products daily. Packaging, branding, signage, books, magazines, etc. Graphic design plays a pivotal role in a modern competitive business. Businesses require the services of graphic design to create…

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Welcome To DICE Academy Blog

DICE Academy – A web/Graphics/Motion design institute aimed at Industry DICE was founded with a vision to bring the classroom training to a standard where it can fulfill web design industry needs. The co-­founders of DICE have rich experience in this field and were constantly witnessing that the freshers or trained freshers were not up…

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