Web designer salary, job profile & skills required

Web designers develop the design, layout, and graphics of a website and often coordinate with a web developer for coding of a website. A web designer should possess different skills including imagination, creativity, attention to detail, a knack for picking aesthetically pleasing colors, analytical skills, communication skills, and technical ability. The main responsibility of a web designer constructs the overall look and feel of a website. 

Skills required to become a web designer

As a web designer, you should know how to combine visuals and content harmoniously. Apart from these, you should also have technical skills, collaboration, and communication skills. Check out some of the key skills required to become a web designer:

Key responsibilities of a web designer

Here are some of the key responsibilities of a web designer

  • Creating website designs
  • Meeting with clients to discuss requirements and status report
  • Demonstrating and receiving feedback about draft sites
  • Always be updated with the latest technology and software developments
  • Developing additional skills and expertise in appropriate software/programming languages
  • Creating websites that are user-friendly, effective, and visually appealing
  • Editing and update visuals
  • Be a part of a multidisciplinary team

Web designer salary in India

A web designer can work in different industries like – IT, Media, FMCG, Advertising agency, Entertainment industry, and many other sectors. As a result of its versatile nature, the demand of web designers is increasing rapidly across the country as well as their salary. An average web designer salary in India and range from Rs 4 lakh to Rs 7 lakh in the initial stages of career. Web Designer salary in India can be affected by multiple factors including – experience, location, skillset and company. 

Overall, the demand of web designers is high in India, however, you should also note that the web designers have to face client pressure, hectic deadlines, intense competition and the challenge to create something out of the box every time. 

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